About our Guild community

For all Atra Astrum guild members and/or affiliates and friends. Ingame membership is not required to stay part of the community. Membership is handled via recommendations or an application which is reviewed by the entire guild. Previous members are welcome to join and don’t need to apply.

We are pre-launch recruiting for the upcoming MMORPG Lost Ark from Smilegate. Apply through discord.

Our guild is best described as a EU Competitive/hardcore PvX, GvX Guild that enjoys the social aspects that online gaming provides. We have been around since pre-release Aion which makes our name 12 years old.

Lone the Guild Leader has been known as Spider in vanilla World of Warcraft server Bloodscalp & Trollbane, Lonelia server Trollbane & Frostmane. Lonelia in Aion server Perento. Lone in TERA server Killian. Lone in ArcheAge server Dahuta.

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We do not have a forum we communicate entirely through our Discord Server and Steam Group.

Discord server Link

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We also have a steam group for our members.

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